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What is GMS Collaboration?


What is GMS Collaboration and what advantages does it provide for users of Microsoft Outlook?


GMS Collaboration is an integration tool that allows the use of advanced features of Microsoft Outlook including Contacts, Calendaring, Scheduling, Tasks, Journals and Notes. Offline working is also fully supported.

Microsoft Outlook users also benefit from address completion using the GMS address books and also an enhanced search feature. Management access to the GMS address books is available to both the users and the systems administrator.

Web Access is provided via GMS Webmail giving a full featured rich email interface, while also providing access to calendar events, alarms and contact lists.

An Internet free/busy publishing server is also included for all users on the local GMS Server, which can be used when preparing meeting or event schedules within Outlook. The provision of a local free/busy server negates any secuity worries with the use of ore public free/busy servers.

Global and Domain level GMS address book contents are available directly within Microsoft Outlook. Access rights to address books are observed at all times. Further facilities available include automatic synchronization of the local address bookstore with the server at pre-defined intervals, and the ability to use the address books while working off-line.

Windows roaming profiles are also fully supported allowing the GMS address books to be available to the user irrespective of which network workstation they logon from.

GMS Collaboration supports the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to allow for end-to-end encryption of data to protect confidential corporate communications and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) from unauthorised access. Additionally, GMS Collaboration is Proxy Server friendly allowing use in situations where access through company firewalls is restricted.

Gordano are pleased to be able offer GMS Collaboration now. Deployment of GMS Collaboration will provide a natural entry point into Outlook integration capability with the assurance that Gordano are committed to the development of a realistic and high performance MS Exchange alternative available on a range of platforms.

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