What is DSN?


Delivery status notification, where available, can be used to e-mail the sender of a message that the receiving server has accepted the message.


A Delivery Status Notification (DSN) can be used to notify the sender of a message of any of several conditions:

  • Failed delivery, delayed
  • Delayed delivery
  • Successful delivery
  • Gatewaying of a message into an
    environment that may not support DSNs

A DSN contains a set of per-message fields which identify the message and the transaction during which the message was submitted, along with other fields that apply to all delivery attempts described by the DSN. The DSN also includes a set of per-recipient fields to convey the result of the attempt to deliver the message to each of one or more recipients.

In the release of Version 8, GMS Webmail will offer an additional button on the compose message window that will allow for DSN to be turned on or off when sending a message.

The Internet Standard for DSN may be found in RFC1894.

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