What is contained in the hotfix h20051014?

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We have received a number of reports of usability issues with the GMS. To ensure that our customers continue to enjoy the highest possible user experience we have released the following two hotfixes for GMS Build 3365 which fixes a number of issues with both the WWW and IMAP services. The issues fixed are as follows:

  1. An MML error on the logon page of GMS Webmail if a System wide Maximum Account Size was set.
  2. Occasional page not found errors in the GMS Webmail interface due to the keep alive timeout being less than the client thread timeout.
  3. Fixed issue whereby users were not able to login anonymously to a GMS Communication Server list via the administration interface.
  4. Dependant on timings an inability to flush folder updates to disk in the IMAP service.

Customers may download the hotfix for their particular operating system from either our FTP site or the Patches area of our web site.

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