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What is contained in release 3136?


Here is a summary of the major features icluded in build 3136. Further details of individual sections may be found by following the links below.

GMS Communication Server

  • ODBC Message Archives – to supplement the existing HTML and Internal formats allowing message archives to be written to a ODBC compliant database.

GMS Web Organizer

  • Repeating Events – allows repeating events to be created. For example, every week, month, etc.
  • Improved Calendar Display Window – The Calendar listing display will be updated to include:
    • Day view
    • Week view
    • Month view

GMS Instant Messenger

  • Improved Integration – notification of new mail via GMS Instant Messenger and the ability to initiate a GMS Instant Messenger conversation from an email.
  • Presence Information – ability to customize the presence information.
  • GMS Webmail no longer required to use GMS Instant Messenger

GMS Proxy

  • Integration of GMS Anti-Virus and GMS Anti-Spam to page collection – enable GMS Anti-Virus and GMS Anti-Spam to be applied to content accesed via the GMS Proxy.

GMS Webmail

  • Browser Support – additional browser support for Netscape version 7.
  • New Traditional Interface – addition of a "Classic" email client providing a subset of the GMS Webmail Professional client

GMS Anti-Spam

  • The ability to reject poorly formatted messages.
  • "Message Quality" features work with encoded messages including checking the validity of the following:
    • Base64
    • Uuencode
    • Mime

    A variety of other message validity checks are also featured.

Other Features

  • LDAP Interface – allows POP and IMAP access to the Address Books, enabling clients such as Outlook to populate address books from GMS

Build 3136 also contains a number of other enhancements, fixes and performance improvements. For more details view the individual KB articles listed below.

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