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What is Automatic Removal?


GMS Anti-Virus will scan for viruses in email messages. There are lots of products that proport to do this. Along with automatic signature file updates, the other major benefit of GMS Anti-Virus is the automatic removal of viruses.

When a message is sent to GMS, it will decompose the message into its constituent parts. There may be many attachments, a web page, etc. within the message. Each attachment and the message iteself are scanned for viruses. It is possible to remove many viruses from attachments, if this is the case (and GMS Anti-Virus is configured to do so) the virus will be removed from the attachment. Once all attachments have been scanned, GMS recomposes the message and delivers it as usual. If it is not possible to remove the attachment, GMS will reject the email.

This process ensures that no message with a virus attached should get through to any accounts on GMS or any servers being protected by GMS.

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