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What is and how does moderation work?


A moderator is the name given to someone who acts as an editor for a mailing list. Consider a magazine’s letters page. The editor will decide which letters are printed – deciding what the discussion focuses on, whether letters are relevant, etc. A moderator has the same control, the only difference being that the moderator looks after an electronic discussion.

GMS Communication Server is more flexible and allows more than one moderator, it allows "round-robin" or "all-moderator" options, allows moderators to explicitly stop a message going through, etc. GMS Communication Server moderators also have control over who may become a member of the list and when they leave, whether they have access to file resources, etc.

Messages requiring moderation are sent automatically to list moderators, all that they need do is reply to that message and the moderation request is automatically accepted. If they don’t reply then the moderation request automatically expires after a set period.

If they prefer not to use email there is also an option within the GMS Communication Server administration interface where messages awaiting moderation can be accepted.

Note: If you are running GMS List Server moderation is not available to you. This facility is only available in GMS Communication Server.

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