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What is an autoresponder?


An autoresponder is an account option that causes a message to be sent to
anyone who emails that account. Autoresponders have many uses which include:

  • If you are taking a holiday or vacation you may wish to remind those
    who email you that you will not be able to answer their email until you
    return. While you could set up a rule in your local mail client (e.g.
    Outlook, Eudora, etc.) this will require you to leave your mail client
    logged on and checking email while you are away – an obvious security risk.
    Using an autoresponder means you can shut down your mail client and let
    GMS handle all the responses while you are away.

  • Standard information messages can be sent immedaitely to customers.
    For example, you could tell customers to email
    "offers@domain.dom" in order to receive details of the latest

  • Many companies have a problem where several people have the same name
    (i.e. there may be three John’s). An autoresponder could be set up for the
    account "john@domain.dom" which gives the full, correct email
    address for each of the three Johns. Any customer/employee who emails
    "john@domain.dom" will be reminded of the correct email addresses.

The autoresponders in GMS are very sophisticated and have the following
additional features:

  • GMS will identify and not respond to (correctly configured) lists.
  • The frequency that autoresponses are sent can be altered. For example,
    if you are on vacation, you may decide only to remind people once each week
    rather than on every email message they sent you. If you use this option,
    you will also be able to see who the autoresponses have been sent to.

  • GMS allows you to keep or discard original message sent.
  • GMS will allow you to ask for binary files or attachments to be sent
    by an autoresponder. For example, you could tell employees to email
    "form.holiday@domain.dom" if they want a copy of the holiday form
    to be sent to them as a Word document.

  • Autoresponder messages can include special variables. More details of
    these can be found in the online help and administrator’s guide.

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