What is a token?


A token in GMS terms is a unique string of ASCII characters used to uniquely identify messages returned to users for further action. There are two distinct types of token used by GMS.

  1. GMS Webmail uses tokens as a key component of its unique Anti-spam Confirmation filters. The string is placed within an email message sent to the sender of that message. When the recipient of the token replies to the message the confirmation filter attempts to match the token with a stored copy. If the both the email address adn the token match then the confirmation filter recognises this as a genuine sender and allows the original message to be delivered to the users mailbox.

    A token appearing in a message to the sender of an email may look something similar to the following:

  2. GMS Communication Server also uses similar tokens to facilitate managmeent of both moderation and join/leave confirmation messages. The unique string, when returned, is then against the message or command pending approval and if matched the action is allowed.

    A token appearing in a message to the moderator may look something similar to the following:


Note: In both examples above the token will be unique and so will not exactly match those shown.

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