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What is a pop domain?


A POP Domain is a special type of domain which you can set up on your system. Mail sent to any username at the domain will all be placed into the same mailbox. i.e. mail to user1@popdomain.com and mail to user2@popdomain.com is treated in the same way. A pop domain does not require an IP address.

POP domains are useful where you have or are supplying a service to an external customer running their own mail server. To collect all of their mail they simply have to dialup and collect mail from a single mailbox, rather than a mailbox for each account they have. The SMTP service maintains the original recipient information by writing special headers to each message immediately prior to writing it to the mailbox.

These headers contain the protocol addresses that the mail was sent from and destined for.

The remote server can use these headers to reliably redirect each message to the correct account once it has been downloaded. If the remote server is also running Gordano products then this is particularly simple to set up, all they have to do is select the option "POP3 Domain" within their dialup rules.

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