What is a personality in GMS Webmail?

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A personality consists of a set of contact details for an email account.

GMS Webmail allows users to create multiple personalities for a single mail account. This means that a user can customise their outgoing messages to appear to come from a different address. This might be useful if you have more than one email account, or wish to appear to be more than one person.

An example of the usefulness of personalities would be a company with a number of sales staff. Each member of the sales department has their own account on the mail server, however when they are contacting members of the public they do not want to give out their personal account details. All they need do is create an additional personality but instead of using their personal email address they use the general address for the sales department, say sales@yourcompany.com.

Now each time they compose a message they can select which personality is sending the message from a drop down menu directly in the Compose Message screen. One of the personalities (normally the most commonly used) can be elected the default personality, that is, the personality that is automatically selected when composing or replying to a message.

Access to personalities may be disabled by an administrator if required.

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