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What is a mail client?


What is a "Mail Client" and which clients can be used in conjunction with GMS?


A mail client is a software program specifically designed for composing,
sending and receiving e-mail.
There are many mail clients to choose from depending upon your needs.
Popular mail clients include Outlook, Eudora, Pegasus, tin, etc. Mail
client software is installed on each user’s PC/Mac and communicates with
the messageing server (e.g. GMS) using one of two Internet Standard

  • The Post Office Protocol v3 (POP or POP3) allows mail clients to
    collect email and store it on the local PC where it is managed by the user.
    The client will use it’s own database to store and managed the email

  • The Internet Mail Application Protocol v4 (IMAP4 and IMAP4rev1) allows
    mail clients to leave mail on the server and display the contents of
    folders and messages to the user by collecting more information as required.

All mail clients require software to be installed and configured on a
user’s machine. This means that each user needs their own machine. Help
desks have reported that a large number of problems are caused by users who
alter the settings of their mail clients and stop them working. GMS Webmail
provides a third solution to providing email access that resolves both of
these problems. Not only can it be accessed from anywhere but the
configuration that the user needs to remember is reduced to remembering a
URL, email address and password..

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