What is a cache?


A cache is an area which is used to store information that is likely to be used in the near future. Gordano products using caching in order to give users a much faster response even when the resources requested are in use. Examples of caches used include:

  • Proxy Cache GMS includes a proxy WWW and FTP facility. This proxy will cache frequently used pages so that other people who request them will recive them much faster. More details can be found in Q0194.
  • DNS Cache GMS will temporarily store results of DNS lookups. Double caching is used in order to prevent the messaging system overloading DNS servers. It is recommended that the parameters of the DNS cache are not altered.
  • Outbound post cache GMS all store outbound post. This allows Gordano’s software to accept email for delivery without having to depend upon the availability of the destination service. The default is to attempt to send a message every 12 minutes for 3 days. If the message is not delivered in this time scale, it is returned to the sender with a warning.

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