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What happened to the List Wizard Step 1?


When entering the List Wizard the information displayed on the left hand
side which gives notes about the list wizard seems to miss Step 1 by
referring to "Step of List Wizard" which seems as though it
should actually should say "Step 1 of List Wizard"

The list wizard is provided to allow you to create basic lists quickly and
easily. These lists may be edited at a later date to introduce some of the
more advanced features such as voting, rotating adverts, moderation and so on.

While using the list wizard the area on the left of the screen provides
notes to help with configuration of the list. There are notes for each step
of the configuration starting with Step 1. Unfortunately Step 1 appears to
be missing.


This is an issue with the labelling of the notes on the first page of the
list wizard. The title for this page reads " Step of List
Wizard", the labelling of this first page has now been amended to
correctly show "Step 1 of List Wizard"

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