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What does "valid received date not found" mean in my IMAP logs?


I see the following lines in my IMAP logs:
F 6462 96 valid received date not found

What do they mean?


When messages are fetched from a folder using IMAP the GMS IMAP service checks the date that the message was received. It does this by reading the Received header of the message which contains the date the message was received by the GMS server. If however there is a message in the folder that does not have a Received header IMAP will take the date from the Date header of the message.

The Log entry merely records the fact that no Received header was found in the message and does not indicate that there was any failure in retreiving the message.

Messages that have been imported into a user’s mailbox from another source such as an Outlook
PST mailbox are the main cause of messages not having Received headers.

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