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What do I need for an GMS failover cluster?


This FAQ entry refers to Microsoft Clustering technology. Briefly, in this scheme, one machine is operating normally and changes are copied to a second machine. If the first machine fails, it is disabled and the services on the second machine are started.

Clearly there are likely to be issues with incomplete copies of data arriving on the second machine and the time it takes to swap from one machine to another.


To benefit from the advantages of Microsoft Clustering, you will need independant GMS licenses for each of the unique nodes. i.e 2 nodes = 2 licences.

Configure Microsoft Clustering as indicated in Microsoft’s documentation.

Note: If data is not transfered correctly, user’s accounts may become locked, logs corrupt and archives damaged. This solution only works on Microsoft acredited hardware and using the Microsoft operating system.

Gordano will not accept responsibility for any of the issues or problems that occur when using Microsoft Clustering Technology.

If you require a version of software with built-in fail-over technology that solves these problems at an application level, and works on Windows and Unix platforms, please contact us providing information as to your requirements.

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