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What Database Support is available in GMS Communication Server?


GMS Communication Server will work in conjucncton with any ODBC compliant database. The lists can be entirely integrated with the database, all member information is stored within the database, as are counts of bounces and other user information.

By using a database in this way it is possible to tightly integrate GMS Communication Server with any existing customer database that you may have, and thus turning GMS Communication Server into a highly flexible CRM (Customer Relationship Managemnt) tool.

Mailings to customers can be individually customized for each customer by pulling information from the database as required. This information could be just to personalize the posting, or it could go much further and be used to ensure that customers only get information on products or services they are actually interested in.

This personalization will allow you to ensure that your customers only receive the information that they require, thus eliminating any ill feeling that may be generated with customers assuming that all of the messages are spam.

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