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What are WWW log lines with PXY in them?


The following lines are in the web log file:

WWW 17 Sep 1 00:01:05 S 7070 581071,   PXY,,, 12793, 284, 500, 200, GET,


This line is written to the log file each time a page is requested using the proxy server in GMS.
The first 5 parameters of the log always have the same information. Below the complete information for this log statement has been shown.

  • Service – in this case WWW.
  • Date and time (17 September 2001, 00:01:05)
  • Status – in this case “S” for successful completion of action.
  • UniqueId – an internal unique id – here 7070.
  • ThreadCount – number of this action. In this case, it is the 581,071th
    request that has been processed by the server.

  • Protocol indicator – “PXY” means proxy.
  • Remote IP Address
  • Local IP Address
  • Size of response sent back to web client (in bytes)
  • Size of request from web client (in bytes)
  • How long it took to process the request. In this case 500ms.
  • The status returned – in this case 200 = Success
  • Command from web client
  • The URL requested.

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