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What are the new mail.exe parameters?


The new options are detailed below. There is a one to one mapping with the old options.

Option Command Old Command Syntax New Command Syntax
-a LoadMail -bdomain -afilename -domain domain -append filename
-b Domain -bdomain -domain domain
-c CNAMERecord -chostname -cname hostname
-d WatchNTMail -dtype -watch type
-e ExtractList -bdomain -elistname, [filename,[order]] -domain domain -extractlist listname [filename [order]]
-f DoUserList -bdomain -ffilename -domain domain -listusers filename
-g FixAddress see -p -fixaddress [value]
-h DoHelp -hoption -h or -help option – no option lists all help.
-i InsertList -bdomain -ilistname,filename -domain domain -insertlist listname filename
-j RunScript -fscriptfilename [emailfilename] -runscript scriptfilename emailfilename
-k KickPost -k -kick
-ls DoCreateLoadSharingArray -bdomain -ls -domain domain -loadshare
-l LoadMail -bdomain -tuusername -lfilename -domain domain -transferuser username -load filename
-m MXRecord -mhostname -mx hostname
-n PurgeDNSCache -n -purgedns
-o DumpDNSCache -o[V]filename -dumpdns filename (V using normal -verbose)
-p PostMail -g -reoltype -pfilename,to[,hostname[,subject[,from]]] -fixaddress -eol eoltype -post filename to[ hostname[ subject[ from]]]
-q QueryMail -q[hostname[,password]] -query hostname password
-r EOL -reoltype -eol eoltype
-sort SortList -bdomain -sort listname -domain domain -sortlist listname
-start StartServices -start -start [services list, 0 means all]
-stop StopServices -stop -stop [services list, 0 means all]
-s Sleep -sseconds -s or -sleep
-tu TransferUser -tuusername -transfer username
-t MaxWaitTime -tn -maxwait wait
-u UpdateServices -uservice -update [services list, 0 means all]
-v verbose -v -v or -verbose [value]
-w WaitServices -wservice -wait [SMTP|POST|MAIL|BOTH]
-x BuildIndexFromCommand -bdomain -xaddress [filename] -domain domain -index address [filename]
-y Create or restore -y[R[Z]] -y[R[Z]]
-z version -z -z or -version

New Commands

Option Command New Command Syntax
-logon   -logon username password
-im SendIM -im address message

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