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What are the machine specifications for Gordano's products?


To get a hardware estimate select the operating system you want to run GMS on. Next select which GMS components you require by checking the box next to each required component. You will need to select at least one of the 3 core components (POP, IMAP and/or WebMail). Next select how your users will be split for example if you have selected the WebMail and POP components 80% of your users might use POP and 20% WebMail. Finally select how many user accounts/list members you require. Once you have made your selections click on the Calculate button to work out what hardware is recommended.

Operating System

 Component  User split  Accounts/Members
Instant Messaging
List Services
Members per list

N.B. The hardware specifications given are for guidance purposes only and are based on typical usage profiles. Systems with higher than average usage will require better hardware and low usage systems may run acceptably on lower specification hardware.

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