What are the impacts of disk space on my mail server?

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Reduced disk space will affect all applications and the operating system’s performance. Some of the issues you might expect if the disk space goes below 40% are the following:

  • Affects of disk fragementation start to increase. Windows platforms are especially prone to disk fragmentation and the results include dramatic reduction in performance as the CPU waits for the disk to catch up with read and write requests.
  • More data is stored for longer periods in RAM which can lead to un-recoverable disks if the system is powered down.

GMS software will attempt to manage the reduction of free disk space. For example,

  • The list services will be shut down when disk space reaches 10%;
  • The ESMTP SIZE command will issue a reduced message size to attempt to delay large messages arriving; and
  • Inbound large messages will be delayed.

For optimum system performance, Gordano recommend that 40% of the disk should be free during normal operation and you install a disk defragmentation system on Windows operating systems.

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