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What are the advantages of using Profiles?


The introduction of Profiles provides a major boon in user management within GMS. By applying profiles to your users you can make one change, to the profile, and have that change automatically applied to all of the user accounts associated with that profile.

May change password
Controls whether or not the user can change their password. For security reasons users should change their passwords on a regular basis. GMS also includes options to force this behaviour and also to enforce password policies.

May alter their forwards
The user may add to or amend other email addresses that will receive copies of mail sent to this account. For example, when you are out of he office, you can forward all mail to another account which is accessible from home. Copies of the forwarded messages can either be retained or discarded.

May set a vacation or automatic response
Allows a user to set vacation messages. These will respond automatically to any sender with whatever text is applied. This can be set to only reply to the user once or many times.

May set their plan
Controls whether a user is allowed to set their own Plan message. A frequent usage of this option is to hold the users public key for encryption utilities. Anyone can retreive it by querying the users plan.

May change their personal details
Personal details contain such things as the users Full Name, Telephone number, and so on. Whether the user is able to edit these or not can be controlled.

May add aliases
Aliases are other addresses that this account will accept mail for. Users can be given control over adding their own addresses easily here.

May rebuild their mailbox
Very occasionaly users messages may get stuck on the server and they will be unable to read their messages. Giving them the right to rebuild their own mailboxes will take this administrative task away from technical staff and lace it into the hands of the users themselves.

May add their own personalities
Each account may have a number of personalities from which they can send messages. These personalities email addresses need not be local to the server.

May collect email from POP3/IMAP4 servers
This is an extrememly useful feature and allows each user to aggregate any number of external accounts together in the one place. Much simpler than checking multiple accounts separately.

May filter incoming email
GMS Webmail contains a comprehensive filtering option which will act on messages being delivered to the account. Excessive filtering though will increase the usage of your server as all filter scripts are run on the server itself. This option allows you to enable or disale the ability of he users to filter their mail.

There are numerous other options available under profiles as well, the ability to control access to Address Books adn the saring of address books, Calendars and Calendar sharing, and access to the Mobile Gateway and Instant Messaging.

In addition to the above Account, Access and Configuration options can be controlled, allowing you to set maximum message sizes, maximum account sizes, access to particular services and to users particular management rights on the server.

As can be seen Profiles are an extremely powerful tool and as an administrator of a mail server can save a huge amount of time.

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