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What are .SNT and .WTG files?


There are a number of files with the extensions .wtg and .snt building up in my gordanolog directory.


These refer to Trap files, normally generated when the software identified a problem and instigates an internal recovery procedure. The only difference between .wtg and .snt files are that the .snt files have been sent through to the Gordano development team while the .wtg files have not.

By default, NTMail will send these files to Gordano. It is recommended that you maintain this setting, which is in System>Messages. The files are useful to us as they let us see where problems are occurring in the software. There are occasions where we have provided fixes to customers who were not even aware they were having a problem. Many fixes are also included in standard releases of the software; when you see a reference to something in the list of fixes referring to “WWW 0041fd67” or “LIST 004044a6”, these are referring to trap reports that we have received and that have been fixed as part of the ongoing development process.

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