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What are list alias commands?


GMS Communication Server can be configured to recognise any word as an alias of a particular list command. This is useful as it allows you to cover any of the options used to implement the same features in other List Servers. By default GMS Communication Server will accept the commands… subscribe, sub or add to allow a user to join a list via an e-mail.

If the name of your mailing list was
"discuss", a user could typically send the following commands to the following addresses each doing the same thing, requesting the join of membership to the "discuss" list.


Below is an example first in french and then in Italian using the "join" and "subscribe" alias commands.


The most common aliases for each of the commands are created as default in GMS Communication Server. These "aliases" can be viewed from the interface…
GMS Communication Server > Access > Alias

You are also able to create and delete your own aliases associated with each command.
GMS Communication Server will not allow for the same alias to be entered for different commands.

For further information about "joining" and "leaving" please see the "See Also" section at the bottom of the page.

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