What are Filters?


A filter is a method of searching for certain features or text within an email message and instructing the system to act with regards to that message. Filters allow you to check the content for common spam terms and reject the message, flag the importance of a message depending on sender or content, or simply assist managing your inbox by moving specific incoming messages automatically to the correct folders.

Within GMS both server side and client side filters are available.

  • GMS Anti-Spam provides server side filters, there are default filters provided to filter for content, including the ability to search for unrelated strings, and act when a match is found. There is also the facility for you to write your own filters, there are some examples provided in the Accessory pack which you can download from this web site.
  • GMS Webmail contains the ability for the user to set up any number of filters they want to assist in managing their email. When used in conjunction with GMS Anti-Spam four prepared filters are available as follows:

    • Anti-spam Filter
    • Bayesian Filter
    • Block List Filter
    • Confirmation Filter

User configured filters are actioned at the server whther or not the individual user is logged on.

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