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What are Automatic Updates?


Signature files contain the details of the design of viruses. When a new virus appears there may not be a signature for it in the current signature file which means that the virus gets through undetected. If the signature file is never updated, the number of viruses that can pass through will increase and protection decrease. Clearly this is unacceptable.

When you purchase GMS Anti-Virus you activate the software which scans messages and the service of new signature files (for either one or three years). The local administrator chooses how often the signature files
should be updated (e.g. 15 minutes, 24 hours, etc.) and GMS Anti-Virus does the rest! GMS Anti-Virus will send a special email message to Gordano giving version details of the current signature file. Gordano’s systems will send any files that have changed back. There are several benefits to this solution:

  1. Using email
    Since all requests and responses are done using email, no special holes need to be made in firewalls. Further, messaging servers behind firewalls can also have their signature files updates.
  2. Only required changes sent
    To keep bandwidth to a minimum, only those signatures that have changed are transfered.
  3. Protected
    The email messages contain a large number of checks and passwords to ensure that only the correct requests and responses are processed. Any out-of-sequence, duplicate messages, unexpected messages,
    etc. are forward to the administrator so that they can verify that no attempt to attack the local system is being perpetrated.

GMS Anti-Virus includes automatic update technology. This means that your GMS Anti-Virus installation will check for updated virus definitions and if they are available, apply them.

No action is required from a user or administrator for this to take place, the checks are managed entirely automatically.

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