The install/upgrade failed, what should I do?

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The installation carries out a considerable number of checks on the operating system. Further, if you are upgrading, it will try a ‘dry run’ of the upgrade before actually proceeding with the upgrade. If any failures are suspected, the installation will abort with no changes to the system.

Other failures can also occur part way through an installation.

During the installation process, several logs are created so that the exact information about the problem is stored.


There are a number of possible files left after an installation failure, in order to help you discover what the problem is, we need to see any of the following files:

  • TEMPntmis.log
  • TEMPNTMailProgress.log
  • TEMPproblems.txt
  • TEMPNTMailError.log
  • GordanoProgress.log
  • GordanoError.log

Some or all of these will be present depending on where exactly the failure occurred.

Providing a copy of the recovery file can also help. In order to obtain this, start an MSDOS command prompt and change to the Gordanobin dir (or wherever NTMail is
installed). Type ‘mail -y’. After a few seconds (depending upon your system size), a file called ‘setup.txt’ will be created. If this file is created, please include it in your email to support.

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