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Redirection rules are one of the ways GMS has enabled smart routing. Smart routing incoming mail is the redirection of messages to/from specified locations before they are delivered. For example, a mail server administrator could use this method to send mail from all known Spammers to a null account (the equivalent of deleting it), or to redirect all mail for Sales to another account. The accounts to be redirected are listed in a Redirect file using a notation that allows entire domains to be included using wildcards. The entries into this file are made through a GUI, enabling accurate entries to be consistently created.

Smart routing incoming mail is one method of reducing the amount of spam your end users have to sort through and therefore reduce the overall cost of spam to your company. GMS Anti-Spam has a host of additional features such as global and domain filters which can significantly reduce spam. GMS Webmail combined with GMS Anti-Spam will eliminate spam altogether through the use of tokens. To learn more about how to completely eliminate spam from your users inboxes, please see below in the "See Also" section.

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