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When I log on I can see all the options fine but when I try to select one
of them, I get logged out of the GMS Mail Configuration Server and brought back to the log on screen


This is due to the fact that you have Session Control set to use cookies and you do not have cookies enabled in your browser.

Allow use of cookies in your browser
amend the setting for Session Control to only use IP addresses.

To do this either

  1. enable cookies in your browser, log on to the GMS Mail Configuration Server, select Security > Session Control, then select the "Only use IP addresses" option and press the Update button. You can now disable cookies in your browser again.
  2. open regedt32 and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareInternetShopperMailUsers and double click on the entry on the right of the screen to open it for editing. Add an entry that reads "wwwusesessioncookies=0" on a line of its own without the quotes, then stop and restart the WWW service.

      NOTE – if you have a number of users connecting to GMS Mail through either a firewall or Proxy Server then this option should not be used.

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