I am currently using VSM, how do I benefit from the advanced Anti-Spam checks now available in GMS Anti-Spam?

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I am currently running Virus Scanner Manager (VSM) on my system. I would like to benefit from the enhanced Anti-Spam checks such as restricted word checks being run against Base 64 encoded text, checking of HTML and non HTML text, Message Quality checks, etc. How do I do this?


The preferred solution to this issue is to upgrade to build 3270 or later of GMS. A good deal of work has been put into this build to allow the VSM technology to share the GMS Anti-Spam code base maintained via the ntmvpp.dll. Note however that continued use of VSM is not supported by Gordano and that, due to the nature of VSM, virus scanning will remain single threaded and slower than with GMS Anti-Virus leading to potential bottlenecks on your server.

If you do not wish to take advantage of the many new features available by upgrading to the latest release of GMS please read and apply the remainder of this article.

The use of VSM involves loading an old unsupported DLL called ntmvscan.dll. This DLL has not been supported for some years now and has fallen badly behind in the facilities it provides.

VSM was superceded by GMS Anti-Virus which uses a DLL called ntmvpp.dll. This DLL is continuously updated and contains up to the minute features. Enhanced message quality checks, scanning of base64 encoded text, character substition in word lists are just a few of the benefits.

To disable your VSM package you will need to contact Gordano Sales to obtain a special key that permanently disables VSM. Once the key is applied, the steps below completed, and the services re-started you will immediately benefit from all the advanced checks.

Set the following System Variables to be empty.


You can do this by going to the Support > System Variables page and selecting each of them in turn in the scrollable dialog at the top of the page and while the variable is highlighted clicking on the "Edit" button. Delete the existing text and click on the "Update" button.

If you now stop and restart all of the GMS services you should find that the correct dll is being loaded.

Note: This will disable the use of VSM, if you want to maintain your ability to detect viruses please contact sales@gordano.com to purchase a key for GMS Anti-Virus

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