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How effective is GMS Anti-Spam?


Given the correct configuration, GMS Anti-Spam can be 100% effective in blocking junk email and Spam messages.

On the server side, it does take time to build a 100% effective anti-spam system. There are several tools available through GMS Anti-Spam that will help in creating a system that blocks the majority of junk mail. Included with the suite of tools available is an intelligent system for detecting and preventing spam. For example patterns of mail movements can be built up over time (for the AI features) and patterns of spam content then can be watched over time (for filters and rwords). Once these patterns have been charted and established, fine tuning is necessary to create an effective block. While time consuming, the reward of an almost spam-free inbox will be appreciated.

Up to 32 checks can be performed against incoming messages to ensure that they meet the standards layed out for email messages. Checks are made for typical indicators of spam such as iFrame, CID and Object tags within the body of HTML messages. Further checks are made looking for suspicious attachment names, as well as verifying the integrity of UUEncoded, Base64 encoded, BinHex encoded and MIME encoded data.

A faster, more effective method that also allows for retrieval of accidentally screened mail is the personal block filters. The Confirmation Block List filter in Personal Anti-spam available when GMS Anti-Spam is teamed up with GMS Webmail makes spam a thing of the past. If an address is not in the address book, the sender is sent a token. If the token is returned then the address is added to the address book and the mail sent on (this works even if the end user is using Outlook, Eudora or any other POP client). If not, the email languishes in the quarantine folder until it is purged or manually moved (if it is legitimate). The confirmation filter itself once configured should be all but 100% effective while providing virtually no false positives.

A white list, block List and Bayesian filter are also available to GMS Webmail users when GMS Anti Spam is in place. Such filters are configured by the individual users but actioned at the server whether or not the user is logged on.

There are a number of additional checks which may also be performed such as verifying the identity of senders, banning certain attachment types, RBL checks, banning certain senders and so on.

Spam can be stopped with the correct tools and GMS Anti-Spam is an essential tool in the fight against spam.

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