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How does the confirmation process work?


GMS Anti-Spam provides users with an extremely effective anti-spam solution called the "confirmation process". This solution dramatically reduces the quantity of spam delivered to an account without any false
positives (that is, without rejecting legitmate email) and is managed by each individual user.


The confirmation process works on the principal that the system must understand who the sender of the e-mail is for it to be delivered.

The following example outlines how the confirmation process works. We will use two
users whom have never exchanged an e-mail.

Joe sends an e-mail to Gino.

Joe receives an automatic confirmation e-mail as he is not in Gino’s address book.
It informs the sender that he has to reply to the automated message for the original message to be delivered.

Although the e-mail may have been delivered, Gino at present is unaware of any message transaction.
It is actually stored in his quarantine folder.

Joe will then either reply to the automated e-mail or not.
If he doesn’t the e-mail will remain in Gino’s quarantine folder.

However if he does reply the message can be delivered as normal. The system can be setup to add Joe’s e-mail address to Gino’s address book. This would stop this process happening next time Joe sends an e-mail to Gino.

Spammers are known for using third party applications to send bulk e-mail to lists of e-mail addresses. If you are listed but running the confirmation filter, you will only see their e-mail if a human physically replies to the automated response sent out.


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