How does GMS Communication Server handle messages returned to a mailing list?

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Most mailing lists will have bad addresses on them. Whether this is due to mis-spelt domain names or people who change email addresses, managing bounces and returns on large lists can turn in to a full time management job. GMS Communication Server provides several ways to handle email addresses which bounce including:

  • Ignore
  • Send to List Owner
  • Send to Moderator
  • Forward to email address below
  • Suspend ELSE Ignore
  • Suspend ELSE Send to List Owner
  • Suspend ELSE Send to Moderator
  • Suspend ELSE Forward
  • Remove ELSE Ignore
  • Remove ELSE Send to List Owner
  • Remove ELSE Send to Moderator
  • Remove ELSE Forward

If you select an option that contains "ELSE" the member is only suspended/removed if the number of bad messages exceeds the Bad Message Limit. However, if there is no X-ListMember clause in the returned message, the message is either ignored or forwarded to the owner, moderator or address specified.

If the option for including a Forwarding Address is selected, this facility forwards mail to another address. This address should be entered in the form user@domain.dom.

The Bad Message Limit is also configurable giving you the ability to configure how many bad messages you are willing to accept before taking the selected action. This is used with the reset frequency enabling an administrator to specify that only if 10 messages are bounced in 7 days (for example) should the action be taken.

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