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How do the different product names fit into the Gordano software portfolio?


From having one product for a single platform (NTMail for Windows NT) in 1994, Gordano now has more than 12 different products released or in development for multiple platforms (Windows and Unix). This Knowledge Base entry explains what they are and how they fit together.


At the time of writing (August 2002), the Gordano applications exist within what is called a "codebase". This codebase is platform independent and can be deployed on whatever Gordano chooses to target – currently Windows (NT, 2K and XP) and Unix (Solaris, Linux, AIX). It does not rely upon any third party product and is written in C and MML to comply with recognised standards.

A diamond can be seen from various angles and look different depending upon the facets viewed. In a similar way, the codebase contains a variety of different products. Customers can buy some or all of these in a number of combinations. New products can also be introduced, yet remain integrated with the rest of the product range. When downloading Gordano products, the required aspects (facets) of the code base are selected during the installation process.

The Gordano product portfolio comprises GMS Core Mail Processing & Delivery, GMS Anti-Virus, GMS Mail, GMS, GMS Webmail, GMS Web Organizer, GMS Anti-Spam, GMS Mobile Gateway, GMS Instant Messenger, GMS List Server, GMS Communication Server, GMS Archive & Recovery, GMS Secure Socket Layer. All products are available on both UNIX and Windows platforms – and their names do not suggest any connection with a particular platform.

The codebase has a 4-digit version number and contains a different version of each product. The individual facets or products will have different version numbers because they have a life of their own within the Gordano family. For example, GMS Webmail is now on version 2.

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