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How do I use my ODBC database?


Do you already have your customers’ email addresses in an ODBC compliant
database? And would you like to email them all with the latest release of
your products? If so, the ODBC connectivity within GMS List Server is just what you
are looking for.


First install your ODBC database drivers and create a “DSN” for your
database. There should be instructions with your database software
explaining how this is done – it is usually done using the “ODBC 32” icon
in Windows’s Control Panel.

When you create a new list, GMS List Server will ask where your membership data is
stored – select “ODBC” or “ODBC (read only)”. The next screen will ask the
details of the DSN that you just created (i.e. the DSN name, user name and
password). You will also need to enter details of the table and (if you
selected “read only”) the name of the column of the table containing the
email address. Press “NEXT” and your list is created.

To test your new list, make sure there are some details in the database
(you could add them by hand, send a join message to the list) and send a
message to it.


  1. You can access other fields within the database using the Mail Meta
    Language (MML).

  2. The database may be stored on another machine and accessed over the
    network using ODBC.

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