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How do I stop the W32/Antoher.A@mm mass mailer worm?


As of 11th December 2002 we have been made aware of a new mass mailer virus which is fairly prevalent. This has provisionally been named W32/Antoher.A@mm but this name is liable to change in the near future.

All customers running GMS Anti-Virus are advised to update their virus definition files as soon as possible. The virus is caught by the following definition files or later

v4.91 sig 11:11:2002 mac 10:11:2002

For those not running GMS Anti-Virus there are some fairly common traits to the virus so it can be blocked by the content checking facilities within GMS Anti-Spam

The name of the attachment included in the message is likely to be one of:

  • HellaGood.exe
  • Avril.scr.exe
  • AvrilFans.exe
  • RockAvril.exe
  • XXX_Bubble.exe
  • Puppies.scr.exe
  • Singles.exe
  • AvrilSmiles.exe

Some possible subjects included in the message are:

  • Re: For my people
  • Re: Avril Fans will rock you
  • Fw: Avril Lavigne – the best
  • Re: Antique themes IIS Exchange

Some possible sender’s addresses in the message are:

  • Board <iis@microsoft.com>
  • Smashing pumpkins <smash@smash.com>
  • Christine <aguilera@aguilera.com>
  • Strauss <strauss@annung.de>

Note: The above lists are not known to be exhaustive, they serve simply as an indication. The only guaranteed method of protection is to run a virus scanner on all incoming email messages. Full details of GMS Anti-Virus can be found on our web site www.gordano.com

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Keywords:mass mailer virus vpp restricted words content checking GMS Anti-virus anti virus antivirus

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