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How do I stop list posts going out once they have been processed?


I have:

  • forgotten to restrict list postings to a moderator for one list; or
  • allowed my list to spam a large number of people accidentally; or
  • got my list service into a email loop; or
  • etc…

So I need to stop the messages going out now and remove any that are still waiting to be sent. How do I do this?


Immediately go to System > Control Services in the GMS Communication Server GUI and stop the POST service, then stop SMTP and LIST. This will stop all further message processing on the server. The rest of these instructions can be carried out at a more moderate pace.

Next, you will need to clear all the list postings from the "Out" queue. If this is a stand alone list server and no messages have been posted to any other lists on the server, it should be safe to delete all folders under the Gordanoout folder. The Out folder contains all outgoing mail which has not yet been sent to its destination.

If it is not a standalone list server, or posts have been processed by other lists on the machine, greater care must be taken over which messages are to be deleted from the Gordanoout queues. If care must be taken to allow all other messages to be sent you may need to delete each of the outgoing messages individually, taking care to delete both the .mbx and .idx files associated with the messages.

Next change to the Gordanolistin directory and remove any messages queued here waiting to be processed for the list in question.

The list posts should now all be cleared out, prior to restarting the SMTP, LIST and POST services set the list so that posts to it are moderated. Moderators are set in the GMS Communication Server GUI at Post > Moderator, you may set up a single moderator or have a number of moderators which can either all receive copies of messages to be moderated, or they can receive messages in round robin fashion.

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