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How do I stop IE from hanging when logging on to GMS Webmail


Sometimes my Internet Explorer hangs when logging on to webmail, as described in KB entry Q439
Is there a way to prevent this?


As per KB entry 439, the problem is actually in Internet Explorer rather than GMS Webmail, however, it is possible to make a change in GMS Webmail to resolve this issue.

The problem can be resolved by introducing a small delay in loading each of the frames, which can be set at a System, Domain or User level.

The required variable is called "FrameDelay" and the value is measured in milliseconds. You can create this variable from the "System Variables" section of the interface.

It has been noted that setting the delay value at the system level to 150 milliseconds has the desired result in most cases. If you find that you experience the hanging condition still in some cases, you can set the variable to a higher value at the user level for the user having the problem.

The change will be apparent when loading the interface, as you will see a "Loading Page, please wait" message when logging on to GMS Webmail.

Microsoft have acknowledged this issue with IE6, please see the following page for more information

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