How do I set up my mail server to use SQL authentication?

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GMS includes a DLL that allows you to use an external SQL database as a repository for your user information such as usernames and passwords. Setting the software up to use this is fairly straightforward.

First select Domains > Authentication which will take you to the new look Administration interface. Now select the main Authentication branch which will be near to the bottom of the list in the Java applet on the left of the screen.

Select the option "Use External Authentication database" and click on the Update button. In the following page select “"SQL Authentication" from the Authentication Method drop down list and again click on the Update button.

Click on OK to dismiss the warning dialogue that appears. Enter the name of the DSN used to access the database along with any username and password required for the DSN. Now it is simply a matter of amending the default SQL statements to suit your particular database layout.

The default statements can be used unchanged if your user information is held in a table called "Users" in a three column format as shown in the following table.

Address Password Mailbox Users Password Path to users Mailbox

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