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How do I set up GMS with an SMTP feed from my ISP?


At the moment the ISP who hosts our website just points the smtp mail at an IP address which is our firewall, this routes it to our exchange server. It does not require any setting of mx records etc. Just pointing to the
nearest external smtp server which happens to be BT. Can GMS be set-up like this and if so how?


Incoming mail:
Just get your firewall to route the mail to the IP that GMS is on and it will receive the mail in the same way that exchange does.
If GMS is to receive the mail from the ISP directly, it can simply passively receive the mail. Most SMTP feeds simply push the mail down the line to a mail server provided it is on the expected IP. If your ISP requires your mail server to issue a command to kick the SMTP feed GMS can etrn, finger or send a custom command to the remote mail server. This is done by setting up a schedule on the dialup pages of the interface. See article 103

Outgoing mail:
You can either let GMS handle mail delivery itself (the default), or you can route all mail through your ISP. To do the latter go to the Ougoing&gtRules page in the GMS web interface and simply delete the rule already there (all, resolve MX), and add a rule which is:

Target address – * (place the * in the blank field under the heading "target address")
post server – mail.bt.net or whatever the actual server you are sending mail to is.
Port – 25
Retry -12

The other fields can be left empty. This will send all outgoing mail to your ISP’s mail server. Your ISP will then handle sending the mail on to it’s final destination.

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