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How do I set up GMS Anti-Spam "zerohour" detection?


I have heard that the new Zero Hour anti-spam feature in GMS build 3434 and greater is extremely effective. How do I enable this?


To enable Zero Hour checks, you will first need to obtain a key from Gordano Sales.

Once this key is entered and the services restarted, go to the Anti-Spam->Content->Domain Words page, and select the “Use Zero Hour Classification Checks” option.

This should be all that you need to do. The server will require outbound port 80 HTTP access to the internet so that it can access the detection centers. You can configure a proxy for this purpose via the Automatic Updates section of the admin interface in the left hand menu tree.

You may also wish to select the “Use Strict Zero Hour Classification Checks” option on this page. More details on the effect of this are in KB article 3126

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