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How do I send mail to the SMTP service using ASP?


Could anyone tell me how to send email to GMS SMTP service in ASP? CDONTS that comes with the Windows NT SMTP service does not work with the GMS SMTP service.


Microsoft’s CDONTS uses a proprietary way of sending email and so will not work with standards based mail servers.

Gordano does have a solution, however, that will accept a message from any Windows software or language that supports COM. The COM object can be found in the Accessory Pack on the Gordano website. There are also instructions for installing and using the COM object in the Reference Guide. This guide can also be downloaded.

The COM object enables you to send mail via ASP, as well as any other language that supports COM. In addition, it allows you to control certain aspects of the operation of software (e.g. adding users, removing users, etc).

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