How do I send a message via MML?

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I would like to use MML to send a message to one of my users from a web page.


The Mail Meta Language (MML) is specifically designed to allow scripting within a messaging environment. It is therefore a simple task to create and send email messages using MML.

The following code will create a message from sales@companyA.dom and send it to joe@companyA.dom with the subject “Test message”. It will also add two lines to the body of the message.

Msg = MsgCreate("sales@companyA.dom",   "joe@companyA.dom", "Test message");
MsgAddBody(Msg, "First line of body");
MsgAddBody(Msg, "Second line of body");

Common Mistakes

  1. There is no MsgClose() call.
  2. Failure to specify the message handle.

Please see the MML Programmers Guide for further information.

(Also applies to messages generated from SMTP scripts).

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