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How do I remove 95Mail from my computer?


How can I completely remove 95Mail from my computer.


1) If the services are running, right click on the smtp, pop and post icons on the bottom right corner of the toolbar and stop each service.

2) Go to the MSDOS command prompt and change directories to the win95Mail
directory (or where you installed it). Type:

  • smtp -u
  • pop -u
  • post -u

    to uninstall the services.

    3) Delete the shortcuts to the following files in the windowsstartmenuprogramsstartup folder:

  • Win95mailsmpt.exe
  • Win95mailpop.exe
  • win95mailpost.exe

    4) Restart the computer

    5) Delete the following files from the windowssystem directory:

    ntmail.ico, ntmail.cpl, ntdomain.cpl, ntlist.cpl, ntdomain.hlp, ntmail.hlp, ntlist.hlp, ntmail.gid, mail.exe, maillite.exe, mailmon.exe, mailmon.dll

    6) Use the regedit.exe utitility to delete the key:


    7) Delete the directory win95Mail and its contents.

    8) Delete the directory windowsStart MenuPrograms95Mail and its contents.

    WORKAROUND: If you have problems deleting the files win95Mailsmtp.exe, pop.exe and post.exe or the files windowssystemntmail.cpl, ntdomain.cpl and ntlist.cpl because they reported as “in use by Windows” take the following steps:

    i) restart the computer in DOS mode

    ii) change to the appropriate directory and delete the files (note the win95Mail directory is called win95M~1 in DOS)

    iii) type EXIT to boot back into Windows and use the regedit utility to delete the InternetShopper key as above.

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