How do I manually un-install GMS Mail Version 3?

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How can I completely remove GMS Mail version 3 from my computer?


This is for GMS Mail version 3 only. For later versions of NTMail, please see FAQ Article 181

To perform a manual un-installation of NTMail follow the instructions given below.

1. Stop the services running (if already installed). This can be done via the NTMail CPL or from the command line by typing MAIL -stop.

2. Type SMTP -u

3. Type POP -u

4. Type POST -u

5. Remove the files NTMAIL.CPL, NTMAIL.HLP, NTDOMAIN.CPL, NTDOMAIN.HLP, NTLIST.CPL, NTLIST.HLP, MAIL.EXE and MAILLITE.EXE from the Windows NT system32 directory.

6. Use the registry editor to delete the InternetShopper key from the Registry.

If you have Auto-dialer installed as well, delete from the System32 directory all files beginning with autodial (autodial.*) then go into the registry>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software> and delete the 7th Wave Software subtree.

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