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How do I immediately update my definition files?


To obtain an immediate update to the virus definition files please go to
the GMS Anti-Virus > Scanner > Signature Updates page and select the button
"Request Update Now". A request to get the latest definition
files will be sent immediately and once these arrive back on the server, the
working files will be updated between the times specified on this tab.

To ensure updates take as quickly as possible, set the "Allow updates between" start and finish
times from the respective drop down boxes to be as close to the current time as possible, remembering to
leave an interval of least one hour and preferably two. The times indicated in this section are the times that
your SMTP and WWW services will be updated to enable the new virus definition files. The services in
build 3065 and above are not stopped when this update occurs.

You can also set the "Automatic Virus definition updates" here which we do recommend using however by default, this option is disabled.

To set the system to automatically retrieve updated files as they become available please select the "Enabled" option, then complete the Interval in days, hours or minutes that you would like the system to automatically check for the availability of new files. Once completed click on the Update to finish.

For more information on this page in the GMS Anti-Virus interface, please click on the context sensitive help button in your icons bar while on this page. It will popup a context-sensitive help page which explains all the many configuration options for your Signature Updates.

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