How do I get Outlook to use IMAP?

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How do I get Outlook to use IMAP?


If you would like Outlook or Outlook Express to use IMAP rather than POP3 to access your mailbox then you must specify this when setting up an account within Outlook. If you want to change from using POP3 to IMAP then a new account must be set up.

You can elect to set up a new account in Outlook by selecting the Tools > Accounts menu and from the dialogue that appears selecting Add > Mail…

A wizard will then pop up asking you to complete such details as your name, email address, the address of your incoming and outgoing mail servers. There is also a drop down menu allowing you to select whether your incoming mail server is a POP3 or an IMAP server.

Next you will be asked for your account name and password and finally you must select if you are connecting over a dialup or local network. Once complete click on teh Finish button and your account is then set up.

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