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How do I enable full MML errors?


I am getting an MML error when using one of the GMS interfaces. I need to get more information about this error, how do I do this?


From build 3075 onwards of GMS, MML error logging is set to a minimal amount by default to address security concerns raised by some customers.

To re-enable full MML error logging, you need to set a new System Variable from the Support->System Variables section of the interface.

Set a new variable of


with a value of


Having made this change you will now see much more information in the MML error when it is displayed.

You can later disable full MML error logging by resetting the variable to a value of


If you are using MML in a custom web page or MML script that is served by GMS, there is an extra step required to enable full error logging. In addition to setting MMLScriptErrorMode to 1 you should also add


to the top of the page that you want to debug.

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