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How do I contact Gordano Support?


How do I contact Gordano Support?


Gordano Support department provide information about GMS in several sources. The following are available to all customers (even without a support contract):

  • Tutorials on how different aspects of the internet work.
  • Extensive on-line knowledge base (which you are using now).
  • Discussion groups.

If you purchase a 8×5 telephone Support Contract from Gordano the service is enhanced by the addition of the following:

  • A telephone number you can call to speak to a live person who will help you with the issues raised.
  • Our engineers will call you back to help resolve the problem.
  • Level 1 and 2 support depending on the severity of the issue raise.
  • Web access to all email communication.
  • A service to look after a back-up copy of your configuration.
  • Priority feedback into the new feature request procedure.

If you purchase a 13×5 Telephone Support contract, you get all of the above plus access to our team of support engineers 13 hours a day, 5 days a week.

If you purchase a 24×7 Telephone Support contract, you get all of the above plus access to our team of support engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Full details are available on the Gordano website.

NOTE: Gordano will only support GMS. Other products (such as Exchange) are beyond the scope of Gordano Support and you will need to contact the manufacturers of that software.

The first time a new customer contacts Gordano they are issued with a free 28 day support contract. This is designed to help the customer install and configure the product, and allows them to contact support via either email
or telephone. Once the 28 day contract expires they will need to purchase a support contract in order to further contact support.

To purchase a support contract, you will have to go through the sales channel. Here you can discuss costs and exactly what contract best suits your company’s requirements.

Customers with a support contract:
+44 (0)1275 340151

Support interface:
Should you encounter problems with GMS Mail there is an option for emailing support. This does not rely on your server being able to post the message, as you will be connecting to our server directly. This page from the Gordano Interface is found at… GMS Mail > Support > E-mail support

Gordano are happy to hear from our customers, including any suggestions or improvements regarding any of our products. You can post your suggestions to… suggest@gordano.com.

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