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How do I configure VPP on GLMail?


Obtain and install a copy of the Gordano Accessory Pack for your GMS platform from the Gordano WWW Site. Stop the GMS services.

Install the virus scanner making sure to use the install directory of /usr rather then the default /usr/local. Do not install the intercheck option. The command line should look like

./install.sh -d /usr -ni

Restart the GMS services. GMS Anti-Virus should now be installed and ready for use.

To continue to use GMS Anti-Virus to protect your server from virus infection after the trial period has ended you will need to purchase a key from Sales. Once this key has been installed via the System > Key page, stop and restart the GMS services, GMS Anti-Virus should now be running and ready for use.

Note: From version 7 onwards the GMS Anti-Virus virus scanner is included in the default install so there is no need to install it via the option pack.

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