How do I configure Anti Spam alerts?

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At present GMS Anti-Spam and GMS Anti-Virus share code for the purposes of sending alerts to certain events. As a result the alerts are currently configured from within the GMS Anti-Virus interface.

If you do not have GMS Anti-Virus installed on your server you will in the meantime have to manually edit a "System Variable" in order to change the behaviour of alerts.

From the administration interface, please go to the "Support > System Variables" page. Select "Vscanalert" from the white listbox and then enter the required value in the "Change value" area and press Update.

The value should be taken from the following table

Value Alert
0 Disabled
1 Postmaster
2 Sender
3 Postmaster, Sender
4 Recipient
5 Postmaster, Recipient
6 Sender, Recipient
7 Postmaster, Sender, Recipient

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